Best Man Speech Examples

A Few Best Man Speech Examples

Best Man Speeches - The 7 Deadly Sins I know potential customers need exact speech samples before purchasing a product. Our Best Man Speech examples are all taken exactly from the package Best Man Speeches Made Easy. You don’t really need a lot of speech examples since if you invest in my training and education package you will have all the information you need to put together and deliver a winning Best Man Speech in no time at all. Take the shortcut, stop researching for info about your Best Man Speech, and wasting your time, you could have put together your speech already.

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Here’s a small sample of what’s in the book Best Man Speeches: Made Easy, read below:

One Liners
“I’ve come to the conclusion that Best Man is just a fancy title for a Nanny! And as the Nanny, my main duty was to ensure that the Groom arrived today on time, sober and looking good. Well 2 out of 3 isn’t bad. After all, I’m the Best Man, not a plastic surgeon!”

Questionnaire Examples
Our speech writing method involves a questionnaire to help you write the body of the speech. Here are a few of the many questions the book prompts you to help you get a detailed speech:

  • When and where did you meet the Groom?
  • What was your first impression of the Groom?
  • How has that changed over the years?

Our Best Man Speech examples also include openers. An opener is a vital part of the speech and our book provides you with the necessary tips and information to craft the best opener possible:

“Today we celebrate, not only the love and commitment that has united [Bride’s Names] and [Groom’s Name] in this bond of marriage, but also the love and support of the families…”

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Body of Speech
The main idea behind the body of the speech is to summarize the first phase of the Grooms life (as Best Man usually you’ve witnessed your fair share of it) and tie it into the next phase of his life as a married man.

Usually a couple of short stories about the Groom are needed to do this, just make sure that you can bring the story to a conclusion that has something to do with the wedding or being married in general. It’s easy to do this, as most of the crazy stories that us men get up to, all end in lessons that can be learned! Lessons that can be applied to a man now entering married life.

This will give your Best Man Speech more depth and if delivered in a light hearted way will most likely give people a laugh. Especially those already married.

NOTE: If you have never been married, then you should ask one of your friends or family that have. Ask them how your story can be tied into being married, and I guarantee they’ll have an answer for you.

“[Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name], I am sure everyone in this room joins me in saying that our best wishes, our admiration and our love are always with you. May you dream big dreams…”

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These are but a couple of Best Man speech examples. Unfortunately I can’t list every single word from the book. If you are reading this far you know you are interested.
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