How to Dress

How to Dress For the Wedding

For the big day, the Best Man needs to dress like he is actually the Best Man. Start off by asking about the attire of the Groomsmen. Are they going for a themed approach, with colored tuxes or khaki suits. If not, it means standard black tie. You need to either purchase a real tuxedo from a reputable retailer, like Saks, Nordstrom or if you are on a budget, Men’s Warehouse. Once you find some tuxedos to try on, take a few off the rack into the fitting room. You are looking for a jacket that hugs your shoulders. Don’t sacrifice overall fit for comfort. A proper tux jacket will be slim and stylish. Have the pants sit below your waist, not up to your chest like your Grandpa. Make sure the in-house tailor hems the pants so they sit barely on your shoes. If you have a lot of excess material it will look very sloppy during the wedding. As for the shoes, a basic black leather lace-up, with a slim leather sole, works best. No square-toes!

The accessories are another story. Grab a solid black bow-tie in matching material as the lapels on your jacket. If gossgrain, then get a gossgrain tie, if satin, then obviously purchase a satin tie. No blue ties, this is not your senior prom. Avoid a cummerbund because it makes you look like you are in the 1980’s. Suspenders are alright, make sure they are black as well. When you are purchasing your shirt, it is important to buy one with a regular collar. Those big drastic wing collars are made for the movies and you need to wear the same type white shirt you wear to the office. Ruffles on the front are okay, it is up to you.

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