A simple formula for your Best Man Toast

Writing a best man toast can be intimidating, but with the right formula and some practice it doesn’t have to be. Follow these steps to create a heartfelt, funny, and memorable toast that will earn you kudos from your buddy and all their wedding guests.

Being the best man of your friend or brother at his wedding is without a doubt a great honor. The problem, however, is that with this honor comes a big list of responsibilities which can be a tad intimidating if you are not well prepared.

As a best man, you should keep the wedding ring safe, assist the groom, and make a best man toast. The toast, in particular, is a very important thing. Given below are some tips to help you give the perfect toast for your best friend or relative’s wedding.


The preparation

Think about the kind of relationship you have with the groom and the bride. Try to remember the good times you had and make a note of them. Make a list of things that you like about the couple. Make a list of people you should thank – from the couple’s parents to friends, relatives, and everyone who had a role to play in the wedding.

Think of a good way to introduce yourself. Do not start your best man toast like ‘I am Steve and I have known the bride and groom for years’. Everyone does that. Think of something different and appealing so that it grabs the attention of the guests right away.


The fun factor

Best man toasts, by definition, should be funny. Anyone who thinks otherwise should not be a best man. It is as simple as that. Search the internet, read some ebooks and try to find some jokes, quotes, and witty one-liners that can make your speech a lot more interesting.


The presentation

Do not read the entire speech from a piece of paper. It makes you look unprepared. Make a note of everything you want to say, memorize it, and rehearse again and again until you are confident. If you want, you can have a small index card with some notes on it – just in case you forget what you should say next.


The advice

If you are married, make sure you add a line or two about the upsides of being married in your best man toast. For some of you reading this – that might mean searching the internet for marriage upsides. Though people are not exactly excited to hear pearls of wisdom from married people – which generally tend to be boring, it is a nice gesture which says that you care about the newlyweds.


The ending

Best man toasts should always be closed by offering your wishes or blessing to the newlyweds. You can say something like ‘cheers’ or ‘here’s to the happy couple’, or ‘wishing you both a long and happy married life’ and raise your glass to finish the toast.

Here’s a small sample of what’s in the book Best Man Speeches: Made Easy on page 67…

“To [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name], may the happiness you feel today only multiply, as your love grows day by day.”


“To love, laughter and happily ever after!”


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