Have a look at this video from YouTube. It’s got over 1 million views, so it’s the most popular best man speech video on the internet today.

Let’s review this video and learn from it. I think I’ll make this a monthly review. Since it really does help you learn by example.

General Points

1) Notice his composure. Comfortable but having fun. Not showing nerves, even though I’m sure he was nervous.

2) Uses his notes. Don’t be afraid to have notes, it helps with the nerves. Even though he reads from the them there is constant audience connection. Don’t just read, you must engage with the crowd.

3) Keeps it short, less than 5 minutes.

4) Uses material available in my Best Man Speeches Made Easy package and on the internet. Don’t be afraid to lift material. It works. Listen to the audience laugh and react even though they know it’s been used before.

Specific Points (Time in video)

1) Immediately praises the bride and groom. (0:20)

2) Includes the audience and praises them early with a toast (0:37)

3) Acknowledges that the bride would be offended by disclosing info about the groom and turns it into a joke (2:25)

4) Praises the bride specifically (3:05)

5) Nice and simple final toast (3:58)

Final Comments

Overall a great speech. Possible improvements for your speech would be to use short notes rather than read off the sheet, however if it helps you get through it, just read off the sheet. Just make sure you engage with the audience.

I’m glad this video has reached cult status on the internet because it’s a great one to model off.